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whitebalancephotography a go.

my new photography site is up and running…i still have a few snags to smooth out, like price points and so forth but it is online officially so take a gander if you like! thanks!


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New House


we just got a new pad – we are really excited!   We just closed escrow 2 days ago…It is a loft style condo built in a guttedhome2.jpg restored buggy factory…it sits on the edge of the Arena District and is about 300 yards from Nationwide Arena! We could potentially sell our cars if we didn’t have to work because everything we need is right there – well for the most part! We wish we had more pictures but these are it thus far…

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New photography site under way…

For those that are interested, and those that actually keep up with my photography, i am working on a new site where e-commerce and print ordering are available for those that desire it. It is a work in progress and i am open to comments suggestions…i am using Yahoo small business hosting at the moment – you can get to the new site here.


Mr parks

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The shrinking world…

There is so much happening in the global economy today. There is a quiet hum of money exchanging hands and commerce. The potential for no one to be someone is more prevalent and possible then ever before. Startups are getting off the ground with such speed and cost efficiency never before seen to date. The flattening of the world and the fulfillment of desires and whims is made possible by a fiber optically connected entity that has an almost mystical slowly developing sentience that is pulling the world closer together, and the end of nationalism and corporate giant domination is being replaced by growing middle class sitting behind a computer. There has never been a better time to make dreams become reality. Yes, you guessed it…the internet has given birth to this seemingly conscience breathing animal called globalization.

The world is indeed getting smaller, and barriers such as language, culture, oceans are no longer a factor. Logistics and supply chains move at the speed of a mouse click, industry hums along at the speed of sound it seems. Even Al Qaeda profits from this. What is Al Qaeda but a vigilante supply chain? India is developing into a strong player in the global economy because they understand this that the hierarchy is crumbling. So what can people like you and I gain from this? Well, with the infrastructure of the world changing so dramatically, it encourages entrepreneurship and growth because the thirst for information and potential to get it essentially pays dividends. This is the big commodity now – knowledge and information. Again, what does this mean for you and I? Well, I’m not sure, but I’m fascinated by it. I do know that it provides opportunity for EVERYONE. No one is excluded anymore. So anything you can dream you can do. The world is poised for a new era. The era that you conjured out of your imagination where nations and cultures collide and harmony ensues. Of course we are not there yet…as with anything it has to get a whole lot worse before it gets better…

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