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can’t we all (shouldn’t we all?) get along?

how much do we really know about the people we surround ourselves with?  i’d like to say “a lot.”  at least i think that’s true for most of the people i know.  and with those people, i believe i would be able to predict the way they might react to certain undiscussed topics.  very recently, i learned how untrue my assumption can be.  i was surprised to read some ignorant, unintelligent comments that a “friend” of ours wrote.

i don’t mean to presume that only my opinions are correct or fair.  i only know that my opinions are my own, and i should treat them as such.  that is, i would not impose my opinions on other people, and i rarely get into debates about them unless there is some imminent reason for it. i haven’t engaged in a dialogue about the topic i am about to discuss.  this is probably because a rational, conversational debate on this subject is rare.  at least in my experiences…

i would like to invite friendly, respectful conversation about gay marriage.  i would like to try to understand why someone might be opposed to gay marriage.  it sounds simple, but every reason that i hear comes across as intolerant.  i’m having trouble understanding why anyone would object – it’s not as if anyone is asking you to be homosexual, or to get married for that matter.  so why are people even voting on this issue?  my questions may seem rudimentary, but i suppose that shows how idiotic the opposition is.  i recently read a frightfully passionate expression regarding this very topic, written by a man i know (thought i knew).  after reading and analyzing his heartfelt opinions, i think that this particular man is incredibly uncomfortable with his own sexuality.  that is the only way that he could be so calculatedly hateful and opposed to the concept – he must be struggling with his feelings.  i imagine it must be difficult for him.  he has a conservative christian preacher/pastor father.  although such a person should radiate acceptance and unconditional love, it is more likely and realistic that a gay son would cast a shadow on his ability to teach and to lead.  unfortunately, many of the proclaimed christians that i know (but NOT ALL) are quite close-minded regarding what their fellow man or woman can and cannot do in the privacy of their own bedroom.  I’m not sure why that becomes an issue, christian or otherwise, but apparently it does.

the person that i am so passively responding to has strong feelings about gay marriage – the strongest i have ever seen.  his arguments become downright ridiculous, and it begs the question as to why he expends so much time and energy to the rejection of a concept that really wouldn’t affect or harm his daily life.  in our world, we are LUCKY to come across two individuals who love each other and want to make a life together.  marriages that work, that last, are incredibly rare.  who are we kidding?  marriage isn’t about sex and reproduction and all that – it’s about FRIENDSHIP and respect.  i don’t think that “friendship” and “respect” are exclusive to heterosexual relationships.  i think they exist in ANY good relationship, whatever your sexual orientation may be.  it takes a lot to offend me, but this person, with his steadfast opposition to gay marriage, gay love and gay adoption, has done so.  he has offended me more than i have ever been offended…so i can’t even begin to imagine how passionate people feel.  this is the response from an average, open-minded girl.  i have no particular motivation.

so it’s time to remove this person from my circle of acquaintances.  i am sure that he must have a good heart underneath it all, but i am not the person to find it.  maybe i’m being narrow-minded, but it’s truly difficult for me to comprehend why someone would object to the personal, private happenings of other people.  if you object on the basis on governmental benefits, than i simply ask you to reconsider and analyze governmental benefits as a whole…that’s an easily dismissed objection.  whatever you believe or support, there are governmental programs for and against it.  maybe an opponent to this post can come up with a different rationale.  and maybe not.  at least i have said some of what i want to say, and maybe one person our there will identify or understand, or take the time to respond.  thank you, and happy holidays!


Wedding woes, change of plans…

It appears that throwing a huge, offensively expensive and outrageous party for our nuptials, and the novelty that it was, has worn off for lack of any real good reason to do it. I mean a party is certainly in order, but spending a small fortune to get 200+ guests nice and liquored up for a few hours and shove food down their throats seems a bit… hmmm… what’s the word… exorbitant, and almost wanton. I mean, we might as well be in Vegas for five hours and the same things could probably occur for a much less hefty price tag. Don’t get me wrong, i think that a party is definitely in order and i will be the first one to pop open a champagne bottle, i just think that we are loosing focus of what we really want to achieve here.We want to get married, not throw the best party Columbus has ever seen. If we could do both without loosing our minds along the way, that would be great. Seeing things as they are, we have chosen an alternate route to the alter – a much cheaper yet, in its own way, much more personal and perhaps beautiful arrangement for our big day. We were thinking of Marco Beach Ocean Resort for a beach side ceremony and reception following on the veranda. Simple, elegant, uncomplicated. We are by no means big planners. I can’t even organize my own sock drawer. I think an easy packaged ceremony bodes well for us, and the destination provides us with a trimmed down guest list. The C-bus wedding was getting really hard with all the vendors, appointments, meetings, and the like – this is just easier. We fly there, we get married. Simple. More info on our wedding website! 

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vegas, baby and some other stuff…

so we finally squared away our bachelor/bachelorette bash and it couldn’t get any better!! a big thank you to becca for dealing with all of the details, and to andy for offering support and insight. it’s going to be a rockin’ good time…we’re staying at mandalay bay, and i am probably too excited about the backstage shark reef tour.

so i feel really bad about not blogging for so long…a lot has been going on, and i want to ease back into the routine of using this venue to share what is going on in our lives – especially now with the wedding and everything. i want to continue our virtual life scrapbook, and i don’t want to leave out all of the good stuff going on now.

weddings are full time jobs – thank god for my mom. and for mr. park’s annoyingly neurotic, yet endearing knack/obsession with striking the perfect design. without him, we’d probably be eating off of paper plates, surrounded by a horrid mismatched color palette. i am gravely lacking in this department, and he frequently looks completely stunned by some of my original “ideas.” i like to think of them as unique little quirks…mr. parks thinks of them as terrible taste!!! 🙂

i have a hundred new observations on the world of over the top party planning, and i promise to start sharing on a regular basis. i fell asleep early tonight, then woke up to “driving rain” at about 2:00 and decided it was the prime time to roll out a little blog. i’m glad to be back – i miss this creative outlet that thrives on the silly nuances of life that we observe in our daily routines. thank god for all of the infinitely interesting twists that are out there, waiting to be discovered among everyday events that are camouflaged in a suit of the mundane.

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Pickle is in a Pickle.

Wow, this week has been a hard one…we just adopted an eight week old, two and a half pound schnoodle and we affectionately named her Pickle. However, upon bringing her home, she developed a nagging cough that we thought was some sort of kennel cough. So, like any loving parents, we took her to the vet and got her on some antibiotics, assuming it would work its course. Not the case.Pickle

The cough worsened, and we were up most of the night putting her in a steam bath and giving her cough suppressant. In the morning she was not improving, and we ended up taking her to the vet again. The prognosis was not good – they thought she was suffering from a bacterial infection in her lungs and that one of her lungs was partially collapsed. We rushed her to the famous OSU veterinarian hospital, and they put her in an oxygen tank to stabilize her until they could pinpoint what kind of infection she had. My thanks to the OSU Vet Hospital – they are extremely professional and understanding.

So, for now she is doing better – slow and steady wins the race, and she seems to be slowly pulling through. I have to say that i am extremely upset with Petland. They pretend these animals are exchangeable and take no interest in making sure they are healthy at the point of sale. They just want to sell them – bottom line. In any case, Pickle will most likely pull through but it sure was a scare. We will keep everyone posted on that…

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