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No TV, no phone, no internet, no regrets…

The prospect of going somewhere without the modern conveniences that a fiber optically connected world has grown so accustomed to can be frightening thought. What really scares me i think is the realization of how much we have become dependent on technology – myself included. Our recent sojourn to literally the middle of nowhere was a sobering reminder that i am just as culturally conditioned as the next; the first thing i asked when we arrived to our quaint Inn was, “where is the TV?”

Where was i bound, gagged and taken to you ask??? Well, my fiancee arranged a getaway weekend in Hocking Hills, Ohio and the weekend i must say, couldn’t have been more fine.

It is really refreshing how a weekend of Scrabble and sitting on the porch can revitalize your spirit. It is nice to know that you can still be stripped down basics once in a while. When asked, “what did you guys do?” i genuinely rejoiced in being able to respond, “nothing.”

The Inn we stayed at was perched on a private expanse of wood, secluded from what usually occupies your mind. Days were serene, and lazy for the most part…mornings started with opening the creaky screen-door to reveal the curtain of forest and enjoying a stretch…During the day, we struck out on hikes towards the local attractions that draw most of the visitors each year, managed to get a good workout, and then share a tenderloin for lunch (the best in Ohio by the way is at Old Man’s Cave). I took some photos and never thought about the time – not once…the trip was great and of course, too short…I find that i am so different when i am not occupied by the everyday burdens and thoughts that dictate our lives;  if you force yourself to just be present once and a while, and refocus on what is real and what is merely a construct, you can actually rekindle a zeal that you never knew you had.

Pics of the Hills

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Hoover Dam Shoot (Ohio)

Took these over at the Hoover Reservoir on Friday – Some of the locations i found were unique to Ohio. I’ve never seen a locale like this in Ohio…green seems to be the theme…enjoy!

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Protected: Chi-town with Fran Healy

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cool as a cucumber

i am currently in the fabulous town of naples, florida, and enjoying every second of it!  especially dinner last night…we went to tommy bahama’s and feasted on some delectable seafood treats while drinking artistic cocktails and being serenaded by live music.  it was perfect.  you know what was the most perfect part?  well, aside from the company (mom and andrea!), i would have to say the “cool as a cucumber” martini.  does anyone have the recipe for this amazingly refreshing drink?  it’s my new favorite! 

 anyway, i guess i should go back to bed.  my internal alarm clock is set for 7:15, so i woke up to write about cucumber martinis and now i’m going back to bed!!!  good morning and good night!

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