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Ryan Adams says he’s more focused

An Interesting article about Adams in the NY Times touching on his new album, recent sobriety, and new girlfriend.  It seems that Ryan Adams is turning over a new leaf with a much stronger, more focused album than his previous bag of songs – good article for all Adams fans…

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New Adams Album

If you haven’t dropped what you’re doing and and bought the latest Adams record,  Easy Tiger – do it now. It rocks. Adams is truly the defining pioneer of alternative country…or rock…or whatever. He is so damn cool. check out this interview…

Track 6:Oh my God, whatever… (my sentiments exactly)

if you buy on itunes you get an awesome video of the track “two” – i highly suggest you view this performance…amazing.

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Ryan Adams is weirder than usual…

On this blog, we appreciate even condone bizarre behavior but Ryan Adam’s website this time has made me afraid to go to his next show. I’m actually scared of what he might do. He is quite possibly the most entertaining musician i can think of. Notably for his offstage antics and just overall attitude about just about everything…he doesn’t take anything too seriously and i think we get that, and aspire to it as well i’m not ashamed to say…He’s WEIRD. REALLY WEIRD.

Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE Adams and think he is incredibly talented, not to mention hilarious, and we have even thought about getting him to play our wedding somehow, someway (i think telling him free drinks would do the trick) but this time around, his website baffles me. Truly funny stuff. This is much weirder than Microroboticon – that was funny actually…well, this is funny too…you just have to see it to understand…I actually heard a few new tracks on the website, i just couldn’t find any info on them -are they new? When will he release them and on what album??? The site also has random stuff, blogs, pics, and a video game. Hmmmm….

Here is the site URL: Ryan Adams

We love Ryan Adams…did i mention that we really like him? Yeah. We’ve seen him multiple times have all his records and all that, but more importantly, we can’t wait to hear when he is touring again – i mean a new record…that should be soon i think knowing him…

And Ryan, if you Google your name from time to time, we saw you in Columbus, Ohio (2004) “taking a stroll ” (with a paper bag) before the show…we wanted to invite you in but you were grizzly adams then, so i wasn’t sure if that was you…but anywho…that was a great show.

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