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christmas dinner and things that we love…

i thought that today might turn into a disaster of sorts.  well; not a colossal disaster, but certainly something that we might not be able to handle.  mr. parks and i appear to have successfully cooked christmas dinner for his mom and stepdad.  i know, i know, it doesn’t sound like a great accomplishment, but it was the first time we have attempted such a feat.  usually our moms, stepmoms, and various restaurants/caterers have tackeled this challenge.  but today, it was us. 

i truly felt like we did it right – we had the christmas lights up, the tree, candles, and some TSO.  our house smelled right; it really smelled like christmas.  i didn’t know that we were capable of reproducing my childhood memories in our own home.  i almost thought that little kids would be running around, counting down the minutes until gift-opening time arrived.

i don’t mean to overdramatize this whole experience – but something just feels great when you realize that you can carry on christmas traditions.  mom; thanks a zillion – i think i called you about 40 times while attempting to prepare a feast.  all i hoped to do was to recreate the feeling that you give us every christmas; and if we partially did so, i consider it a complete success!!

debbie, thanks for the extra guidance and the fabulous twist on the sweet potatoes; it may become an instant classic.  and doug, thanks for your help with our garlic mashed potatoes – i hope you enjoyed the cheesecake!!

grandma and grandpa – i can’t wait until we go to florida.  thanks for coming over tonight and checking out our home.  i’m so glad that you got to spend a little more time with mr. parks!!!  and beautiful goose, of course!!

and on to the things that we love…

i love stocking stuffers from mr. and mrs. claus; aka marmar and poppy

i love beautiful matching necklace and earring sets from santa and my soon-to-be extended family

i love massages!

i love wine and yummy food

i love time spent with family and friends

i love becca’s birthday!!!

i love how happy gus is when he opens his presents

i love to look at banner, michael!  and to laugh and laugh and laugh

good night to all, and to all a good night!!!!

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