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I just believe in me…

Hey folks, we just received our new piece of art by Bob Gruen (the photographer responsible for the famous Statue of Liberty Photo of John) the other day and we are really pleased with it. I just wanted to throw a shout out to my parents and say an official thanks – it was an engagement present from them when they were in town…so thanks again!

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Fourth of July on the terrace…

Not the best shots, but nonetheless they are fireworks dammit.

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Shooting today…love Lightroom…

Went out today…not too far from my house actually – I just ventured around an abandoned warehouse. I fooled around with aperture and exposure to get some interesting results…I edited in Lightroom to bring out more of the color…it’s such a fast editing process i might prefer it to Photoshop (I suppose that’s because i’m more of a purist in terms of photography – i’m such a snot)…

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The Works.

Things crop up when you least expect it. it has been said that sorrows come not in single spies, but in battalions…it seems so does good fortune. Things couldn’t be better at the moment. It seems we ordered life with the works…get it…it’s a pun – because we live at the Buggyworks…that means i’m a good writer – jk.  Here are some pics of moving into our new home!

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