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Make sure the bitch is calm.

Pickle, our beloved pooch of some six months now, went in to the O.R. to have a standard procedure performed this past Thursday. However, her hyperactivity has made the post-op time a little trying on her new sutures. She has popped a few stitches and we had to get her skin stapled back together to keep her organs from falling out. Sounds worse than it was…it is just so hard to keep her from playing – she is a ball of energy that never seems to run out of batteries.

So, i guess she is no longer a bitch. She is pretty much asexual – like our other dog … but she still acts like a bitch, and she is a bitch to deep under control – that’s for sure. So we have to keep her cage bound for a while…boo hoo.

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Pickle is in a Pickle.

Wow, this week has been a hard one…we just adopted an eight week old, two and a half pound schnoodle and we affectionately named her Pickle. However, upon bringing her home, she developed a nagging cough that we thought was some sort of kennel cough. So, like any loving parents, we took her to the vet and got her on some antibiotics, assuming it would work its course. Not the case.Pickle

The cough worsened, and we were up most of the night putting her in a steam bath and giving her cough suppressant. In the morning she was not improving, and we ended up taking her to the vet again. The prognosis was not good – they thought she was suffering from a bacterial infection in her lungs and that one of her lungs was partially collapsed. We rushed her to the famous OSU veterinarian hospital, and they put her in an oxygen tank to stabilize her until they could pinpoint what kind of infection she had. My thanks to the OSU Vet Hospital – they are extremely professional and understanding.

So, for now she is doing better – slow and steady wins the race, and she seems to be slowly pulling through. I have to say that i am extremely upset with Petland. They pretend these animals are exchangeable and take no interest in making sure they are healthy at the point of sale. They just want to sell them – bottom line. In any case, Pickle will most likely pull through but it sure was a scare. We will keep everyone posted on that…

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High ISO

I took this photo of my dog the other day with the ISO cranked up to about 1600 in mid day strong lighting and it did a really interesting thing – it gave the photo that antique look that we usually Photoshop in after the fact. So, i thought this was a nice trick to get that effect in strong lighting. Not a lot of noise either…

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I might kill Jackson.

Wow. The only thing that keeps me from murdering this dog is that i lack the energy because i am so preoccupied with walking him, taking things away from him that he thinks make a good snack, scolding him and breaking he and Gus up, cleaning up his pee and poop, continuously washing the floors, telling him no, and shutting doors behind me constantly to make sure he doesn’t have access to rooms with carpet. I’m exhausted. I think the dog pound is better equip to deal with this – i mean that is their business…dealing with piss and shit day in and day out. He probably would get more exposure there as well. The college girl that said she would take him on Tuesday never called back – she is going to have a fun message on her voice-mail later today…i might burn her house down, i haven’t decided. I can’t focus for longer than ten minutes at a time without attending to his many, many needs, or telling him that he is a bad dog. Gotta do something about it…i have discovered in my attempt to help i may have hindered his speedy delivery to a welcoming home.

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