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Mr. Ginsberg as master of ceremonies?

We met with a potential officiant to marry us today, and much to our pleasant surprise it was Allen Ginsberg – no not really of course but if he had a twin…I couldn’t help wondering if he owned a bookstore in San Francisco. In any case, he seemed pleasant enough with a touch space cadet mentality…sounds like a fit for us…

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wedding things and anniversaries

mr. parks and i are closing in on our three year anniversary!  i may have mentioned this before, but it’s weird how you just start over counting the years together once you get married.  there should be some other way of describing our time together, like if you’ve been married for four years and were together for three before that, you say you’ve been together for four dash three or something.  sorry, stupid thought…

anyway, the wedding planning is going ok (i think) – our wedding coordinator will tell us for sure on wednesday.  i’ve been so proyd of us for setting a date that i felt like we could take a couple of weeks off.  apparently you’re never “off.”  there is always a ton of stuff to do.  i’ve started writing in the bride’s diary that mr. parks’ family gave me.  it’s going to be so fun to look back on it one day!  just like our blog – it’s incredible to scroll through the posts and pictures, and to see all that we have done together since the time that we started it – about a year and a half ago.  this is better than any scrapbook (especially considering that we would never make a scrapbook, as much as we’d like to).

ok – i’m going to go.  i’m at work and just wanted to write a quick little update.  speaking of work, i love it and i love working with my dad!  my first time on a private jet wasn’t so bad, either!! 

oh yeah – we’re going to chicago this weekend to see the band travis!!!  it’s going to be amazing – we’ll do our review when we get back!! 

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Venue Selected.

Well, i said i would give everyone an update on the wedding…here is what we know so far.

We have pretty much decided on a venue (which is the hardest part) here in CBUS. We wanted a place where all the out of towners and such could have a place to stay and hang out with the wedding party, and where we could spend a few days getting pampered (not to mention drunk) before the ceremony. So we decided on the Great Southern Westin Hotel and Spa (and theatre). It really makes the most sense. We spit-balled ideas like Vegas and Florida for weeks, and logistically, when you get right down to it, this is the best most logical place to have it.

The ceremony will be in the Great Southern Theatre and the cocktail and reception hour will follow immediately after. We are thinking of a Sunday brunch as well…we need time to swap gossip and observations of the night prior…we basically want to stretch this event as long as we can. As far as the rehearsal dinner goes, that has yet to be decided. My pops is coming into town so i imagine we will rough it out then.

The wedding coordinator over at the Westin should be getting back to us soon and then i can give everyone a date. We are shooting for Spring, but who knows when for sure…

here is a link to the hotel for the curious.

we will have a separate wedding site up in a few days that you can RSVP and check our registry, etc…i will let everyone know as that materializes.

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Tying the knot…

Don’t get me wrong, i want to get married; it’s just the whole process can drive you to the verge of insanity. Again, I love my bride to be, and i have to admit that i have a somewhat of an idyllic vision for our nuptials, but the logistic nightmare that is planning a wedding makes me want to get on a non-stop flight to Vegas.

So much has to be determined and coordinated, input digested, and family members consulted and pleased…the list goes on and on. So, with this rather daunting task ahead, i do what any normal American male would do…curl up in the fetal position and cry.

The first task we have set out to conquer is of course setting a date. Not as easy as it sounds believe me. It’s not like opening your calender, closing your eyes and pointing at a date. We have been struggling with this seemingly easy first step for about four weeks now, and with little progress. The location actually comes before the date…there is the rub…We have talked about a Vegas resort wedding, to a destination wedding on the Gulf Coast, to a good old fashioned home of the bride wedding…and having exhausted almost all conceivable options, we are just as clueless as we were when we started this whole thing.

Being a child of divorce doesn’t make this any easier either. I have basically have six families to consider and somehow get them to the wedding without forcing anyone to take a mortgage out on their house to do it. It is a lot of pressure because i know everyone is really anxious for us to set a date…we just haven’t found a place that makes our eyes pop and our relatives say “Ill be there!”

Anyway, we are going to talk to a wedding coordinator on Thursday so hopefully we can get down that isle without being suffocated by the enormous pressure of having the perfect wedding…

So, anyhoo…that is the update for now… more later when we book something…

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