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I just have to let it run its course…

This little know fact that only most closest associates are privy to, is bizarre and common at the same time. I guess you could call it obsession – or you could call it hungry. I get on kicks with certain foods i.e. Nordstrom’s Tomato Basil Soup, Houndog’s Pizza, Fillipi’s, Phad Thai, etc..etc…for a short length of time – usually two to four weeks. My binges range from three to five times a week, but never has it reached the magnitude that my most recent addiction has. For some strange reason i cannot get a hold of myself when it comes to consuming four or five servings of hummus at the Happy Greek Restaurant. I have seriously eaten there five days in a row. This recent obsession isn’t as violent as my others in the past – usually the addiction comes to a frightening climax when i break down and try and get the recipe and make a months supply all for myself just in case i cannot get over to the Happy Greek on weekdays…this has happened before and it wasn’t pretty. Mrs. Parks is patient and goes along most days to get my fix – she shakes her head every time in disbelief – i tell her “just let it run its course honey…”

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Drink, eat and be merry – but mostly drink

There has been so many holistic alternative medicines and therapy these days, that it seems easy to dismiss all of them as just another scam to get a health conscience public’s money. Maybe one in a hundred provide any kind of benifits, and those are probably too minute to notice in any sort of tangible, life improving way. There are countless diets and supplements all claiming that they hold the secret ingredient that will make your life longer, more enjoyable, and more fulfilling…well, here yet is another one.

The idea of the French Paradox – being how does a society of people with such a high intake of saturated fats have such a low rate of heart disease and other related diseases??? The answer is in their daily wine consumption. These people drink – I mean DRINK. What they drink is red wine by the gallon. Featured in Fortune magazine last month was an article dealing with a certain ingredient called Resveratrol a phytoalexin produced by several plants and especially any vine type grape bearing plants. It is found in the skins of red grapes but not nearly enough apparently to ward off any kind of coronary heart disease – so they say…they do make concentrated supplements of it however – that are currently being developed into semi-wonder drugs. The idea thus far, is that Resveratrol can stunt the aging process. Given in strong enough doses, it can prolong life 20% – so the theory goes. The studies have also found (through mice) that it wards off weight gain and ignites cellular regeneration that in theory in humans, could reverses the aging process and be used as a cancer treatment in the future. Not only will stop the cancer but actually reverses it through a process that induces apoptosis, which means it may kill cancer cells.

I know people with Cancer, as i’m sure everyone has known or knows someone presently, so i am always curious what kind of treatment is on the horizon. You never know…

Now I am prone to get caught up in this type of thing so take it with a grain of salt…but I’m definitely increasing my wine consumption! Read the Fortune article here – they are much more informative and articulate…enough so to make me want to write a post on it…interesting stuff though…

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It truley is the TYRA BANKS show

The Tyra Banks show is actually one of my favorite shows – not because of its quality as a talk show, but rather lack of. She never fails to gloat and prate and talk about herself endlessly through the hour, and almost always says something so idiotic and irrational, that i think that it can’t possibly be topped…but she always proves me wrong as in this video below. Who gave this woman a talk show? She shouldn’t be allowed to think. She parades around thinking that she is a contributing women’s rights advocate, when all she really is is a spectacle. Thank God for that though, she has provided me with many nights of entertaining television…

here are some other great videos of the Tyra show

Vasoline and other stuff

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