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So ridiculous yet so damn funny (tourettes south park)

probably the funniest thing i have seen in so so long. It is just so absurd.

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Mr. Ginsberg as master of ceremonies?

We met with a potential officiant to marry us today, and much to our pleasant surprise it was Allen Ginsberg – no not really of course but if he had a twin…I couldn’t help wondering if he owned a bookstore in San Francisco. In any case, he seemed pleasant enough with a touch space cadet mentality…sounds like a fit for us…

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Pigeons are retarded.

They are the rats of the sky. They spread disease and poop a lot. I hate them. The way they walk bothers me as well…that kind of neck bob they have going on…it evokes a kind of visceral vomitus urge when i see them. We should invent some sort of way to exterminate them from them earth.

that’s all today….

Hey we are getting married – check it out.

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All Kings fall

The mighty David Hasselhoff (as everyone has seen by now) in his most primal and honest state. I’m not sure why, but Mr. Hasselhoff trying to eat his Carl’s Jr. while completely wasted on his hotel floor, is probably the funniest thing i have seen this year…

or if you prefer the puppet version…quite funny

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