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The shrinking world…

There is so much happening in the global economy today. There is a quiet hum of money exchanging hands and commerce. The potential for no one to be someone is more prevalent and possible then ever before. Startups are getting off the ground with such speed and cost efficiency never before seen to date. The flattening of the world and the fulfillment of desires and whims is made possible by a fiber optically connected entity that has an almost mystical slowly developing sentience that is pulling the world closer together, and the end of nationalism and corporate giant domination is being replaced by growing middle class sitting behind a computer. There has never been a better time to make dreams become reality. Yes, you guessed it…the internet has given birth to this seemingly conscience breathing animal called globalization.

The world is indeed getting smaller, and barriers such as language, culture, oceans are no longer a factor. Logistics and supply chains move at the speed of a mouse click, industry hums along at the speed of sound it seems. Even Al Qaeda profits from this. What is Al Qaeda but a vigilante supply chain? India is developing into a strong player in the global economy because they understand this that the hierarchy is crumbling. So what can people like you and I gain from this? Well, with the infrastructure of the world changing so dramatically, it encourages entrepreneurship and growth because the thirst for information and potential to get it essentially pays dividends. This is the big commodity now – knowledge and information. Again, what does this mean for you and I? Well, I’m not sure, but I’m fascinated by it. I do know that it provides opportunity for EVERYONE. No one is excluded anymore. So anything you can dream you can do. The world is poised for a new era. The era that you conjured out of your imagination where nations and cultures collide and harmony ensues. Of course we are not there yet…as with anything it has to get a whole lot worse before it gets better…

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Help, need online portfolio, but i’m poor…

I have been searching for quite some time,  for either a service or free site that can serve as an online portfolio for all the photos that i don’t want displayed on Flickr.  I am looking for a professional looking site that displays my best photographs in a lightbox sort of way, arranged by portfolio, galleries, or shoots.  (Something with watermark or copyright capabilities, maybe??)   However, i don’t really have 300.00 to throw down on some of the advertised online portfolio sites, but i do want it to look as professional as possible. 

I would like to integrate flash, and e-commerce if possible but i know that is hard to come by without paying big bucks.  So, if anyone knows of a site or service – or even some method to create a portfolio through photoshop or something…then i could just pay for the host???  I think there is a way to make photo gallerys on CS2…but i still want all the functionality of a website…help??

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Myspace, Beyonce, and the importance of your top twelve…

At the risk of sounding pathetic, the past weekend was a milestone in terms of social achievements.  The cultural phenomenon called Myspace is something i have always gone to great lengths to avoid, however this particular weekend it seems that all i could do was obsessively, and continually check my profile for new friends, comments, and messages. 

The three of us sat in our kitchen for hours logged on and hunched around the computer screen.  The impetus for this marathon of myspacing i suppose was a sad realization that our long absent friends must be doing the same thing.  Sure enough, at one point or another they were all signed on and leaving pithy and witty comments on their friend’s pages, and searching for new acquaintances to befriend as well.  When we finally did muster up the courage and motivation to go out, the people that we met that night sure enough were within the hour of returning home, a Myspace friend, and not only that -seated comfortably in our top twelve  lists.  So, with the new-found confidence we gained by being in public for three hours and interacting with the human race, we had to spend the rest of the weekend celebrating this triumph…

The remainderof the weekend was consumed by this celebration as well as Smokin Joe’s Pizza (which we referred to as taco mustaches )and downloading several horrific pop songs that we didn’t even know we liked.  We usually pride ourselves in our taste in music, but this weekend all we wanted to do was dance, so there you have it. 

My sister is coming out this Thursday – we are all really excited…

p.s. going to see a rock ballad light show tomorrow night! 

A little more from the dance party…Flickr

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Jesus Camp obligatory post.

If you have seen this film, and if you are honest with yourself, you have to undoubtedly wonder if this kind of fanaticism is borderline dangerous, not to mention crazy. This film basically reinforces my belief that propaganda is extremely dangerous, especially when it is dogmatic in nature and force fed to five year olds who cannot even decide what flavor of breakfast cereal they want on a given day, much less about abortion and the nature of God.

These children, mostly between the ages of five and twelve years old, are the targets for this complete brainwashing. Children at that age are so impressionable, so easily manipulated, and so prone to mimicry, that they cannot possibly have any definitive, and evaluative stance on life, the world, and the nature of God. So what happens? The Youth Pastor forces their dogma onto innocent children – after that kind of bombardment, they have little hope of ever contemplating or adopting an alternative worldview. These “youth pastors” think they are saving their souls when in fact, they are doing them a grave injustice. Growing crops of children without the ability to think critically or evaluate the world is a very dangerous thing. They are breeding soldiers who take orders without question. What separates this group of people from David Koresh and the Branch Dividions? Not much. And even more disturbing: a fact quoted by Pastor Ted Haggard (who meets with President Bush every Monday) that “if the evangelist vote, they determine the election.”

So do we really want these hysterical people we saw in this film running the country? People who chant gibberish and try to pass it off as spiritual tongues inspired by God? People who cry and fall to the floor, abuse children with their spiritual fiction, and fear Harry Potter? The truth is they are not running the country. They are merely the simple minded, uninformed, easily manipulated majority that keep the wizard behind the curtain.

I don’t like to get too political, but the truth (which everyone in the country is starting to understand) is that President Bush may be inarticulate, less than eloquent, and possibly partially retarded, but he does know one thing: Which group of people can be manipulated to serve the administration’s agenda. I credit him with that. Bush is a corporation disguised as a person. Nonetheless, the administration knows how to gain popular support for their ironically anti-Christian campaign. Using words like axis of evil, and evildoers to liken the war in Iraq to that of a spiritual war waged in the name of God, President Bush can easily appeal to the simple minds of those who appear in this documentary, and gain a political toehold on elections and policy. Something that the Evangelists don’t realize is that they are being used by an administration that does believe in things like evolution, in order to stay in power and to run the country as they please.

The point being, this movement in American is dangerous and volatile. Children should be outside playing and discovering; given the choice of what to think about the world, not praying to a cardboard cutout of Bush. They should not be poisoned with the illogical rantings of their evangelistic parents about issues that are clearly more complicated than if whether they adhere to the bible’s ethics or not. Most importantly, they should be taught how to think, not what to think. Less propaganda, and more propagation of thought in our young minds. A child who is ten years old should not be so disillusioned and warped that when asked, “why did you become a Christian?” Answers, ” i just wanted more out of life.” This is a problem. These children are becoming indoctrinated. The Evangelists assert that these children are being groomed to become more balanced and better equipped to engage in dialogue about the state of the nation and issues, but we all know what happens if you try and talk to a Christian don’t we? We are wrong, and they are right – that’s not dialogue, that is close-mindedness. If the country wants change, then we have to start with children, and telling them that untruths such as evolution isn’t true and the earth is only 6000 years old, and that President Bush is a God fearing man, is starting out on the wrong foot.

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