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A page a day, a day at a time…

Time management hasn’t been my strong suit. With that said, I still resolve to chip away at small goals that i have made for myself, whilst often being disappointed with the amount of time that i am actually able to free up for these activities… i try and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

We all wish that there was more time to do the things we love – of course we do. Just because we all share this lament doesn’t necessarily condemn us to accept it. So many times, i hear the old adage “life isn’t fair” when what people really should be saying is “stop bitching” and just go do whatever it is you are moaning about, or at least try. So many times i have wished for a benefactor to swoop in and fund my most creative and bold pursuits, taking away the burden of distractions – for what is out of my grasps when i have the time to put all of my energy and soul in to a project? There would be endless possibilities. So, i suppose what i am getting at is that the hardest part about life is the juggling act. Keeping three or four things in the air at the same time without dropping one. Balance. It seems the hardest thing to achieve at this juncture.

Simple things like working out four times a week or finding time to go shoot become enormous obstacles in the wake of poor time management. So, i have resigned myself to doing three or four things that are important to me daily- no matter what – in order to foster and establish the tools for a good foundation for some future goals.

One of many goals i have designated for myself is authoring a work. Mrs. parks and i would like to co-author a book someday. This has been frustrating for us for the reason that when we envision writers, we see someone in a bathrobe slaving away all day at a type-writer with cup of coffee and a cigarette. This sounds appealing to us in a romantic, seductive sort of way, but that isn’t quite realistic, is it? It is the romanticized idea of a writer that we have conjured from movies or other books or what have you…The truth is we have to make time for it inbetween everything else. We really have to take it a day at a time, writing at least a page a day. Days when we are tired from work, and want nothing more to sit in front of the TV we have to muster up the discipline to write that page. This speaks about any and all goals we have. If we can’t be disciplined enough to balance our time more efficiently, we will never be able to finish any side projects. It has to be important. Otherwise all we will end up with is a pension and a gold watch after thirty years, and who wants that? Things are never permanent unless you want them that way. If you lack the discipline to change your life than it will undoubtedly stay the same. The time is precious that we have, and the is no sense in whining about what we wish were different – change it. You’ll find, surprisingly so, that so many of the things you want to change so desperately, end up changing you in the end, and quite often sneak back into your life in some weird cosmic way later on. Take things as they come, confront them head on and then move on to the next, a page at a time…

actually, this is a copy of the email i sent to myself…too ambitous? Not for some…

Look up and find out how to get short stories published.
(write a page a day)

Find instruction on how to take better photos.
(weekends go shoot)

Find out how to start an online company.
(any spare time)

Build my work out bench.

(3 times a week at least)


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separation anxiety

i’m starting to understand the helpless uneasiness that gus seems to feel when mr. parks and i leave him at home alone. true, this is a relatively rare phenomenon, seeing as we usually prefer to all be lounging within a very close proximity to one another, but when it does happen, gus is demonstrably displeased. from andy, i’ve heard that gus will pace anxiously and peer out the window hopefully at each passing car. when we finally do arrive home, we see his little black nose and curious eyes watching us from the bedroom window, eager to determine if it is indeed us.randy-and-barb-in-sd-2-077.jpg

i am starting to exhibit the human version of these sentiments. i have been spoiled for most of the time that mr. parks and i have been together. i’ve been in school the entire time, which lends itself to an atypical and flexible schedule, so that i have been free to spend time with him with few restraints. he was also in school for a year of our time together, which meant that we both could structure our shedules to spend the maximum amount of time together. the semester that we were apart, i was flying to california about every two weeks for another fun weekend adventure.

when we finally moved back to ohio together, i became even more spoiled with not only his company, but my brother’s. since both of them just graduated, they were busy interviewing and looking for jobs – but without any regular schedule tearing them away from our homestead. no, they were both around and the three of us were fortunate enough to have tons of time to spend together.

then, it all came to a crashing halt. andy started working, and mr. parks quickly followed. suddenly, i felt like gus – alone and anxious for my little family to return. it’s been a much more difficult transition than i expected. i was really accustomed to never being alone in this big, quiet, victorian house, and now it seems to be the norm. sure, i have classes (just started my last semester last week), but as we all know, being in school affords you quite a lenient schedule. and, since i can get my work out of the way pretty quickly, i find that this lonliness that i am experiencing to be even more magnified.

don’t get me wrong, i’m happy for the both of them that they’ve found jobs and all the accompanying congratualatory niceities, but the bottom line is: I MISS THEM!!!! it makes me even more determined to formulate some sort of future business in which we can work together. our quality of life would grow exponentially, and i would work so hard towards something that is ours; that we create together.

until then, i’ll do my best to finish up this semester without counting down the minutes until they get home too much!! wait…is that them???? i think i heard a car….

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I got a grown-up job today.

By Grown-up i mean something that requires you to use your brain, and your new employer banks on the fact that you are competent and able to do a job well. Funny thing is, on paper, i probably seem average in ability and smarts, maybe less than average. That’s ok- i mean i know that GPA and credentials don’t necessarily disqualify you or brand you as an incompetent, but it does make the job hunt more difficult. Most employers are not interested in gauging an applicant on the basis of a personal interaction (an interview). They take a brief look over your resume and cover letter, and then decide in those few seconds if they want something you have to offer. The resume is such a narrow slice of the overall ability of an applicant. So, if you are like me, and in the event that you get an interview, you really have to shine, or get lucky. I guess i did just that…because they gave it to me…darnds’t thing.

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An inkling tells me to get part time work…

Catching everyone up to speed, i had probably the greatest interview to date yesterday. The company is probably the best communications and brand/ad firm in the Midwest, and i think that i answered every question right. It was if i almost had a preternatural understanding – as if there were visceral, gut impulses guiding me through the thirty minutes of typically what i would call hell. I basically forgot about everything you are “supposed” to do in an interview and was able to relax and actually, for once talk to a human being instead of a programed suit.

The feeling i get is i’m hired. Well, contingent on a three or four month paid internship that will not open up until December – in which i will of course take – in fact beg for. I see a real future with this company.

In the meantime i have been looking for something a little with a little less responsibility. Keep you posted on that…

By the way, i hate Rush Limbaugh. I love MJFox. Rush, have a little compassion.

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