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In a flash.

I have had the misfortune this week to have a dear childhood friend suffer a severe accident. At times like these, words can seem so fruitless and without consolation, but nonetheless, we try to articulate our deepest sympathies and condolences. Her name is Melissa Petersen and we are all thinking of her, and hoping she pulls through. So, in a time when words seem to cling to hope, we send our most positive thoughts to her and her family.

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We’re Engaged!!!

i had the absolute best night of my life last night. i can hardly believe it, but we’re engaged! i’m engaged to the most handsome, smart, fun man in the entire world! and it was such a surprise. we walked to the restaurant where we had our first date; the burgandy room; and mr. parks instantly walked authoritatively towards a table that he had already reserved. rose petals were scattered all over, and a bottle of champagne was chilling on the table. i still somehow thought that it was merely a graduation celebration. he’s not so good at keeping secrets, so he told me right away that i had another surprise later in the night…but i forgot about it because of the awesome food and champagne and wine!!!

anyway, at the end of dinner he pulled out a gorgeous ring and asked me to marry him!!! he then had a limo outside, waiting to drive us around and celebrate!!! the funniest part was, he tried to put the ring in his boxer shorts during our walk to the restaurant. then he got weird and said that he had to stop and go to the bathroom. i made fun of him and suggested that he might need to get his bladder checked out, haha! really, he was readjusting the ring, and stowed it in his sock instead of the boxer short thing. later, it all came together, but before i knew what it was leading up to, i thought that he was just a crazy, paranoid weirdo!

i am so so so so happy! i can hardly contain myself!!! we are going to have the most fun wedding ever, and i think it’s going to be big, big, big! i never knew that i would be the type of person to have a big wedding, but we love a lot of people!!!

more to follow, just wanted to update you all about the best night of our lives thus far!!! Here are all the pics of the night

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Turning over a new leaf…

a lot has happened lately; a lot that has changed, or rather refined, my perspective of the world and of what a life can actually mean.  i will thankfully be finished with law school by tomorrow at 4:00.  i know that i must somehow create an additional eight or ten pages for the paper that i am currently writing, but whatever it is, it will exist within the next sixteen hours.

we  are nearly moved into our new condo, and we absolutely love it.  after a number of nights on the couch (so many that i am actually embarrassed to disclose that number), we finally have a bed!  i think i had my best night of sleep ever last night.  it reminded me of when becca and i lived in l.a. without a bed and then, after so long, we finally each got one – it is pretty incredible!!!  haha

aside from the being done with law school thing, a number of other events have inspired my new approach to life.  one of my very close friends from california, clare, lost her mother recently.  clare was a friend of becca’s in college, but someone who i felt very close to instantly.  she is an incredible woman, smart and funny and kind, and it breaks my heart that she lost her mother; her mother who was so young and had so much life to live.  my friend jim wrote to me that “when a door closes, another one truly opens,” and i hope that that premonition materializes for clare.  i believe that it will.

in other life news, i have recently “reconnected” with some dear friends from my childhood.  it’s not as if i lost total touch over time, but a few key events have really reminded me of how important that they are, and how lucky i am to have such
“troopers” to stand by me through the years!  one of them is sarah.  she has an incredible husband and a model-worthy son, and i think that she may be the absolute kindest person this world is privileged to know.  i also was fortunate enough to see anna last week, one of the smartest and most thoughtful women i have ever known.  her family is responsible for many of my fondest memories (even though i sucked as a spy…anna, you know!).  i have also recently been in touch with amy, sarah’s older sister.  she also has a wonderful husband, and is pregnant with her first child!  i have no doubt that she will be one of the most amazing mothers ever.  lucky kids!

most incredible, perhaps, is the fact that i received an email today from a very dear friend from the past.  i do believe that my friendship with him was one of a life-changing magnitude.  i am so sorry that we have missed out on the last six years of one anothers’ lives, but i know him and he knows me, and i know i will have a rewarding friendship with him from this day forward.  some people may think it’s weird to love someone whom you’ve ever only seen a couple of times.  but i love him, and he is a wonderful old soul.  his son has an incredible role model.

maybe i am a bit too sentimental right now (i don’t think so!), but i have had a few days of intense school-related stuff and it’s all finally culminating in an end.  an end in many ways, but also a beginning.  i believe that this beginning will be the most fortunate one ever – with these amazing reconnections, combined with the completion of something that i really didn’t think i would ever complete.  oh yeah, and that i get to work with my dad.  that’s pretty awesome.

anyway, back to finishing the rest of the paper.  hopefully it will be completed tonight at some point.  whatever it is, i’m sure that it is passing,  good night all, and see you on the other side!

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A small disclaimer or caveat.

my post on 3.14.2007   (overcome yourself, not obstacles) may be sort of incoherent. Sorry for that – i will explain later.

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