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a telescopic perspective…

have you ever looked through a telescope?  yes, we see images from space all of the time; so much so that we are most likely completely desensitized to such astonishing images.  however, taking the time to not only look for yourself, but to think for yourself is (as mastercard drums into our brain) priceless.  

tonight mr. parks and i set up one of his new christmas gifts from my parents; a telescope.  he has mentioned, from time to time, about his interest in space and in one day buying a telescope.  my mom, being the wonderfully astute and caring woman that she is, picked up on these subtle references and completely surprised mr. parks with a telescope.  mr. parks, the recipient of the gift, is the one who should be exclusively enjoying this special gift – and he is, to a certain extent – but i feel a bit like a thief because i have swooped in and enjoyed his gift almost as much as he has!!

tonight was the first night that i have ever viewed the moon so closely.  i could feel it in my heart, how incredible it is to realize in a moment how big and how small that your presence is in this universe.  if our galaxy is comprised mostly of space, dotted with planets and moons; well, than who’s to say that every single cell in our body isn’t another level of such a scheme?  i think it’s presumptuous to think that our earth, and human kind as we know it, is unique.  i think that the greatest argument for god lies in the vastness of the universe and the infinity of time.  those are the things that “prove” god to me.  my “god” would create something more than i could ever possibly fathom as a human.  it’s not written in a book, it’s not told by a man or a woman – it’s something that is reserved for not even a mind to contrive.  we are so gravely limited by our mammalian ability to think.  after all, we can only think within a certain set of boundaries, whether we want to break out of that or not.  it’s not possible.

this all serves both to comfort me and to freak me out.  the bottom line is that everything that is to happen will simply happen, whether we understand it or not.  it’s nice to think that we might understand it, but i sort of hope that we won’t – it makes god a lot more “real” to me if we cannot understand the scheme.  unfortunately, we are sometimes trying to understand the scheme within what may be a limited realm of understanding.  this actually creates a human drama, since the only thing that our brains are equipped to handle is the development of personalities with human chracteristics. 

i apologize for perhaps getting too complex on this whole thing – what i meant to say, is, “sit back, and enjoy the ride!!!”  all of you, thanks for taking a moment to read our blog.  we greatly appreciate all feedback, as our goal is to create the broadest of perspectives from which we can forge an interesting conversation.  good night to all, and *almost* happy new year’s!!!  mrs. parks

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