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Killers rain or shine…

Well, the Killers finally came to town in a long awaited event that basically blew our minds. Only problem is that it rained pretty hard throughout the evening. This seriously impeded our picture taking and/or video recording but the audience was pumped and they gave such a charged performance that it was almost a sin to take the time to shoot any footage of the show because you had to peel your eyes away from the performance for seconds at a time.

Brandon flowers might be my idol now…or at least my ideal model for mens shopping…what  is up with three piece suits???

It was the end of the summer and the show to see. Awesome. We even ran into our wedding band front-man. We asked him if he was mad at us…old habits die hard i guess…sorry shucking bubba…

here are some videos – sorry about the quality…it was raining you know.

and another…the encore i think…

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New Adams Album

If you haven’t dropped what you’re doing and and bought the latest Adams record,  Easy Tiger – do it now. It rocks. Adams is truly the defining pioneer of alternative country…or rock…or whatever. He is so damn cool. check out this interview…

Track 6:Oh my God, whatever… (my sentiments exactly)

if you buy on itunes you get an awesome video of the track “two” – i highly suggest you view this performance…amazing.

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