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happy thanksgiving!!!

happy thanksgiving to everyone, we hope you are all having a wonderful weekend filled with fun, food, friends and family!  the last couple of days have been absolutely gorgeous here in columbus.  sunny and mild…the kind of days that make you happy to live in a state with the season “fall”.  we spent the day at mrs. parks’s uncles’s house up in toledo.  it turned out to be a lot of fun, even though flip unfortunately was sick and unable to make it.  we laughed a lot and ate a lot, and then got home and ate even more.  accordingly, mrs. parks and andy woke up and worked out for over two hours to counteract whatever damage we did yesterday.  too bad mr. parks couldn’t join us – his ankle is improving, but not in running condition yet.  tonight we had dinner at thai orchid, the BEST phad thai EVER, and now we’re going to check out “for your consideration,” the new christopher guest film.  oh yeah, and we’ve all been strangely addicted to watching “beauty and the geek” reruns on mtv.  i know, i know, sounds stupid but it’s a great conversation catylast.  ok, this is sort of boring, just filling everyone in on how we’ve been spending the last couple of days.  we’ll write more after we see the movie tonight!!!!  love to all!

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Music Hurts.

I had three distinct musical experiences this weekend; all painful in their respective ways…

Went to the Black Keys show and had a spill. ironically, it was a result of too much beer on the floor instead of in my stomach. I’m actually glad because it was a long walk home. It hurt. So i spent the weekend icing an ankle the size of a grapefruit, and watching the OSU Michigan game. Things are getting better now…i can walk and move my foot on a limited basis and the swelling has gone down. I would go to a doctor but i’ve had a few sprained ankles in my day and if i can recall they were very similar. If i don’t gain full mobility in the next couple of days however, i may have to go; and of course, i don’t have insurance.

Anyway, what else? The new Beatles Love album is released today. if i could drive i would go get it. (don’t trust my driving foot as of yet.) The album is a 5.1 surround sound compilation of the songs that the Las Vegas Cirque du Soleil show, so unless you have seen the show, you have never heard these songs performed and mixed as they are on this album, and if you have seen the show, well than you have to be crazy not to rush out and get it. As most regular readers (or friends) probably know, we are kind of Beatles Beatniks so…I have seen the show and heard four tracks off the album…so good it hurts.

Speaking of music, did anyone see those four girls on MTV last night? It hurt. They are in that band called 30 seconds to Mars…you know, with that Jordon Catalano character? Jared Leto? The premiere of their new video from yesterday was on…It was the worst thing i have ever seen. What the hell is this video about? I feel like this band collects comic books or something. Four little pale skinned white guys with raccoon eyes, screaming and pretending they are Samurai? I think Jared should stick to acting personally. They are trying SO hard in this video…trying so hard to be so, so, sad, and full of regret. It’s a joke. Pain was a nineties thing…move on. Write some decent music while you are at it. It’s just so…well, you will see what i mean. From Yesterday

here is a preview. the full video is at the link above on MTV…

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