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Follow up on wild animal (dre dre)

Yeah, I never really like to talk about politics because I never really respond well to the rhetorical distraction from the core issue …I was sitting writing this somewhat inarticulately, thinking my argument comes off emotional or histrionic and melodramatic. I apoligize for the incoherent babbling -that’s just what happens when i attempt to formulate my opinions about politics…and of course the standard response is “the world doesn’t work that way, or the world is too complicated!” Well, that’s exactly my point – why can’t it be simple? I know how it works, i just don’t agree with it. Why can’t there be a renaissance in humanistic ethics and values?

The simple point is this: has anything the government done (i.e. War in Iraq, etc…) made our lives any better? Or anyone else’s?

Seems that the only news is bad new these days…but that is my sappy little idealistic, hippy two cents worth. The truth is I don’t want any part of it – and hate to discuss it. Of course there is a small part of me that says, ignoring it makes me guilty of perpetuating the problem. Let’s all sit down-that’s how they got shit done in the 60’s haha…

p.s. i agree – law school seems to be a microcosm of this ridiculous situation…

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The new wild animal…

“Recent opinion polls suggest only one-in-three voters approve of the job the president is doing – making him more unpopular than any other president in the last 50 years, except Richard Nixon just before he resigned.”

This is reminiscent of a situation in the seventies, isn’t it?? He can’t even control it now. Vietnam whispers in the ears of our parents, and if it doesn’t…it should. Quite a difference between Richard Nixon and George Bush though isn’t there? Nonetheless, we should learn from our past, shouldn’t we? Bush has almost lost control of the whole situation. It’s at the point now, where even if he wanted to stop it – he probably couldn’t it.

This unchecked, unabashed, aggressive capitalism, world and market dominance, makes me sick. Why can’t we just end the war? War is over – if you want it.

Besides Green is the new trend and is quickly becoming a surefire way to improve every businesses bottom line. There are jobs to be made and an economy and a market to create, and the country is already headed that way. Therein lies our interests, and our saving grace – not some pointless war that undoubtedly span years and take more lives, and cost billions and billions…at the risk of sounding like a hippy… it worked in the seventies didn’t it? Never have we seen more social change and concern then we did in between 1969-1978. Maybe we should all just make love, not war. Maybe everyone should smoke a joint. (so to speak) Maybe i shouldn’t watch the news. I hate talking about politics…i usually don’t. I just can’t stand watching or reading about the State of the Union speech. Let’s face it, the state of the union is that we are in a volatile situation in the middle east. We are not retaliating against terrorists or punishing the “evildoers.” We hid under the guise of religion, or good foreign policy, and we really don’t give a shit about ending a civil war or making the world safe for democracy. The government conjures up anything to get the backing of citizens and feed their agenda – but the silent majority are getting wiser now.

The point is, and this refers back to my initial quote, that government is a wild animal. You think you have control, but in reality you never really do…i don’t necessarily care about policy and the state of the nation, and a bunch of made up concepts – i just care about people and lives. I care about now, and tangible things that are here and matter. If we could find some way to get back down to that basic level, things might be different. Things are too complicated now…there are too many variables and causes and in effects that are part of a constant ebb and flow that we can never really pin down or regulate, or effect in any significant or result bearing manner. So much policy is dictated by a whirlwind of immediacy and fear of consequence. We are, at this point in the game, constantly putting out fires. No real benefit can be reaped from policy at this point. It’s like the domino effect, only this time we are not dealing with Communism – we are dealing with Capitalism. This is a different beast. This is the last chance to tame the beast…i hope congress can enforce their check and balances…

enough, enough…p.s. where is Osama Bin Laden?

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