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Shooting riverfront today…

Just the few decent shots that came out today.

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High ISO

I took this photo of my dog the other day with the ISO cranked up to about 1600 in mid day strong lighting and it did a really interesting thing – it gave the photo that antique look that we usually Photoshop in after the fact. So, i thought this was a nice trick to get that effect in strong lighting. Not a lot of noise either…

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Help, need online portfolio, but i’m poor…

I have been searching for quite some time,  for either a service or free site that can serve as an online portfolio for all the photos that i don’t want displayed on Flickr.  I am looking for a professional looking site that displays my best photographs in a lightbox sort of way, arranged by portfolio, galleries, or shoots.  (Something with watermark or copyright capabilities, maybe??)   However, i don’t really have 300.00 to throw down on some of the advertised online portfolio sites, but i do want it to look as professional as possible. 

I would like to integrate flash, and e-commerce if possible but i know that is hard to come by without paying big bucks.  So, if anyone knows of a site or service – or even some method to create a portfolio through photoshop or something…then i could just pay for the host???  I think there is a way to make photo gallerys on CS2…but i still want all the functionality of a website…help??

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