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It truley is the TYRA BANKS show

The Tyra Banks show is actually one of my favorite shows – not because of its quality as a talk show, but rather lack of. She never fails to gloat and prate and talk about herself endlessly through the hour, and almost always says something so idiotic and irrational, that i think that it can’t possibly be topped…but she always proves me wrong as in this video below. Who gave this woman a talk show? She shouldn’t be allowed to think. She parades around thinking that she is a contributing women’s rights advocate, when all she really is is a spectacle. Thank God for that though, she has provided me with many nights of entertaining television…

here are some other great videos of the Tyra show

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Tyra Banks is insane.

Here is Tyra trying desperately to tell us what her show is about…this is apparently what women want to know about constantly.  Notice the coaching in the background off camera by some guy…

As of late, we have kind of been obsessed with watching the Tyra Show, not because it is a high quality talk show, but because we are in awe of what ridiculous words could come vomiting out of her mouth.  We are in aweof it actually…How did this person get a talk show?  Isn’t there some credentials someone should have to interview guests?  Or at least some credibility if not a journalism degree…Tyra takes the most obvious and mundane of topics and questions and tries to pass them off as unique, and relevant to today’s social strata, but really if you just use your brain you can answer these questions in a second.  You certainly don’t need an Oprah impersonating super model with an IQ of 67 to tackle these social questions and situations.  The other half of the time she is revealing beauty secrets that apparently are so brilliant that the whole audience erupts into epileptic seizures.  Nonetheless, we love to see what she will do or say. Here is an old favorite…

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